Vicky Kaushal in JORDAN Endorsed By Perona

Product: Perona's Black Jordan Leather Jacket - an iconic jacket expertly crafted from exclusive LWG-certified luxe suede bonded with viscose jersey, ensuring insulation. Characterized by a comfortable fit, generous four pockets, zipper closure, adjustable cuff opening, and unlined internal construction depicting modern minimal tailoring and Perona's aesthetics.

Where he used:Vicky Kaushal effortlessly showcased Perona's Black Jordan Leather Jacket, making a bold statement in his public appearance.

Reason for choosing:The Black Jordan Leather Jacket by Perona was a natural choice for Vicky Kaushal's style. It's modern minimal tailoring, comfortable fit, and premium materials perfectly aligned with Vicky's fashion sensibilities, showcasing a seamless blend of functionality and style.

Vickey Kaushal style:Known for his contemporary and versatile fashion choices, Vicky Kaushal effortlessly embraced the timeless appeal of Perona's Black Jordan Leather Jacket. The jacket not only elevated his overall look but also reflected his preference for pieces that seamlessly blend comfort with a touch of edginess.

More About Vickey Kaushal:

Vicky Kaushal is a versatile actor in the Indian film industry, celebrated for his impactful performances and eclectic approach to fashion. His endorsement of Perona's Black Jordan Leather Jacket underscores his commitment to endorsing products that align with his values of modernity and sophistication.



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Product Name : JORDAN

Price : MRP €285