a vision.

Decades of experience entangles with
passion. An idea culminates. Classic in soul.
Relevant in style. Fashion follows function.
What we craft is more than decorative beauty.
It is simplistic. It is timeless.

an experience.

Tailored, tapered, tooled. Premium leather and fabrics sourced for their purity. Subtle lustre, supple texture, sumptuous feel. Artisanal excellence. Tireless dedication to perfecting workmanship. Quality becomes a sensory experience.

not a product.
a personality.

Ever-evolving, the possibilities are limitless. We mean different things to different people. Perona is the wearer and the wearer is unique like the grains of the leather. Perona is an expression. Perona is a personification.

  • Philosophy
    we are perona.
    and we sew stories.
  • for you.
    for everyone.

    We wish to enrich lives with our craft. Happiness is found in creation. Our products move with the wearer, understanding nuances, becoming what they want it to be. Perona is a companion to your everyday discoveries. A new adventure awaits.

    we are perona.
    and we sew stories.