we want to support you in taking proper care of your products & repairing them when needed.

product repairs

Perona wants its customers to have a long-term relationship with their products. The brand believes that one’s attachment to his/her personal belongings greatly determines the level of care, maintenance and clothing disposal decisions as the overconsumption of fast fashion has adverse effects on the earth’s natural resources like its capacity to absorb greenhouse gas emissions, hazardous chemicals, the increased use of water, and the billions of tons of fashion disposal waste entering into landfills every year. Therefore, Perona offers its customers mending service to repair their Perona products.

service and repair
service and repair

product safety and
quality assurance

It is of utmost importance to Perona to ensure that the quality of the garments, bags and accessories that are manufactured and sold are safe to use. Before they are shipped to the point of sale, all Perona products are subject to extensive safety and quality tests at well recognized, international third-party laboratories. Testing protocols conform to international or regional compliances for performance, quality and environmental sustainability.