R. MADHAVAN in JASON Endorsed By Perona

Product: Perona's Navy Jason Overshirt, a sustainable fashion statement crafted from Japanese cotton.

Where he used: R. Madhavan showcased Perona's Navy Jason Overshirt, a versatile piece symbolizing sustainable fashion.

Reason for choosing: The Navy Jason Overshirt by Perona, worn by R. Madhavan, stands out for its craftsmanship. Crafted from 100% sustainable Japanese cotton and dyed using the CPB process, it offers a regular fit and prioritizes environmental responsibility, significantly reducing gas emissions and water usage.

R. MADHAVAN style: R. Madhavan effortlessly embraced the Navy Jason Overshirt, a minimal yet impactful piece. The overshirt features a button closure, chest pockets secured with flaps, and a minimal finish, creating a timeless garment that aligns with R. Madhavan's sophisticated style.

More About R. MADHAVAN:

R. Madhavan, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, is celebrated for his versatile roles and conscious choices. His endorsement of Perona's Navy Jason Overshirt underscores his commitment to sustainable and timeless fashion.


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Product Name : JASON

Price : Rs. 5,500