Abhay Deol in Mink Drake Sweater Endorsed By Perona

Product: Perona's Classic Denim Jacket, a minimal, practical, and functional piece crafted from structured cotton denim.

Where he used::Abhay Deol effortlessly showcased Perona's Classic Denim Jacket in a casual yet stylish appearance during a weekend getaway in Mumbai.

Reason for choosing: The Classic Denim Jacket by Perona was a natural choice for Abhay Deol's laid-back yet sophisticated style. Its minimalist design, featuring a shirt-like point collar and buttoned cuffs, perfectly aligned with Abhay's fashion sensibilities. The structured cotton denim added a touch of versatility, making it an essential wardrobe staple for his weekend ensemble.

Abhay Deol's style:Known for his understated and classic fashion choices, Abhay Deol effortlessly embraced the timeless appeal of Perona's Classic Denim Jacket. The jacket not only elevated his overall look but also reflected his preference for pieces that seamlessly blend comfort with style.

More About Abhay Deol:

Abhay Deol is a versatile actor in the Indian film industry, celebrated for his impactful performances and distinctive approach to cinema. Beyond the silver screen, Abhay is recognized for his advocacy on social issues and his eclectic taste in fashion. His choice to wear Perona's Classic Denim Jacket underscores his commitment to endorsing products that align with his values of simplicity and functionality.


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Product Name : JOHN

Price : Rs. 12,500