Perona's Classic Co-ords: Top 5 Co-ords to Rock Your Summer Look

As the warm breezes start to sway the palm trees and the days stretch longer, it's clear that summer is upon us. This is the season to shed the layers of spring and embrace the vibrant, carefree spirit of summer fashion. For many of us, the rising temperatures are a perfect excuse to revamp our wardrobes with pieces that are not only chic but also incredibly comfortable. 

That's where co-ords come in—a stylish yet simple solution to summer dressing. At Perona, we understand that summer is more than just a season; it's a state of mind. That's why our classic co-ords are elegant women’s clothing designed to ensure you look effortlessly polished, whether you're sipping cocktails at a sun-drenched soiree or enjoying a quiet afternoon at a cafe. In this blog, we will be unveiling our top co-ords, which will blow your mind and are perfect for summer outings. 

The Rising Trend of Co-ords

In recent years, co-ords have taken the fashion world by storm. These matching sets have proven to be more than just a fleeting trend; they are a functional fashion statement. Co-ords eliminate the daily dilemma of pairing different pieces, making them a go-to choice for those who value both style and simplicity. The beauty of these modern outfits for ladies lies in their versatility. They can be dressed up with heels and bold accessories for an evening out or paired with sneakers for a relaxed daytime look. 

This blend of elegance and ease makes co-ords a perfect choice for diverse summer events and casual outings. We at Perona have a decent collection of co-ords that are made with high-quality and sustainable cloth material that will keep you cool even when the sun is soaring. 

Perona's Top 5 Classic Co-ords for Summer

At Perona, our collection of classic co-ords is thoughtfully designed with both aesthetics and sustainability in mind. Here are our top western suits for women that promise to elevate your summer wardrobe:

1. Ariana Beige Women's Vest & Pants

Crafted from breathable ECOVERA™ viscose linen, the Ariana co-ord is a testament to tailored elegance. The relaxed vest, detailed with side panels and darts, beautifully accentuates your silhouette, making it an iconic choice for any summer gathering. When paired with the Ariana Pants, this set epitomizes chic comfort. Its ECO VERA-certified viscose fibers, derived from renewable wood sources, ensure that your style is as sustainable as it is stunning. You can wear this co-ord gives you an iconic look that is best for meetings or casual gatherings. 

2. Maia Lavender Women's Vest & Pants

The Maia co-ord in soothing lavender is your perfect companion for a tranquil summer day. Like the Ariana, it features a breathable fabric and a relaxed vest enhanced with meticulous tailoring. The side panels and darts add a touch of sophistication, making the Maia trousers and vest a seamless blend of fashion and function. This western suit for women not only looks good but also supports eco-responsible fashion with its certified materials.

3. Aleina Ivory Women's Blazer & Bottom

For those who prefer a slightly formal yet breezy summer look, the Aleina Ivory co-ord is an impeccable choice. The relaxed fit blazer with drop shoulders and pointed peak lapels offers a modern twist on classic tailoring. Complemented by Aleida trousers, this set is ideal for a chic office look or a sophisticated evening event, promising comfort and style in equal measure.

4. Zahra Ink Blue Women's Leather Vest & Pants 

If you're looking to make a bold statement, the Zahra co-ord in ink blue is your go-to option. The leather vest, detailed with notched lapels and front bone pockets, brings an edge to any summer occasion. Teamed with the Zahra flared pants, this co-ord is perfect for those who dare to stand out. The premium napa leather is LWG certified, ensuring that your fashion choice is responsible.

All our stunning co-ord are tailored to meet the needs of stylish, eco-conscious individuals. Whether it’s crafted from luxurious fabrics or adorned with unique design elements, it represents Perona's commitment to combining style with sustainability.

Wrapping up

At Perona, we believe that your summer wardrobe should be as lively and vibrant as the season itself. Our classic modern outfits for ladies are designed not just to meet the fashion needs of modern individuals but to do so responsibly. Embrace the ease and elegance of our co-ords this summer, and enjoy every event with confidence and style. Remember, when you choose Perona, you're not just choosing fashion; you're choosing a lifestyle. Explore our full range of classic co-ords, and let us help you redefine summer chic.

This blog not only covers our top picks but also reflects our commitment to sustainable fashion. We invite you to join us in this stylish, sustainable journey and make your summer truly unforgettable with Perona's classic co-ords.