Puneet and Shruti Mangla launch Perona in New Delhi


The design duo behind the leather manufacturing and export business Orion, Puneet and Shruti Mangla, have launched their own label “Perona” at the Chanakya in New Delhi.

Perona is a brand designed for both men and women that features minimalist design and a selection of clothing items and handbags. The brand launched at New Delhi’s luxury mall, the Chanakya, on June 5 with a 2,850-square-foot store on the second floor.

The retail space, monochrome and modern, reflects the classic, simple aesthetic of the brand and display shelves highlight the brand’s leather handbags. Clothing hangs on simple rails throughout the store which has a clean and bright feel.


The brand’s women’s clothing includes smart dresses, structured casual wear, and a range of leather handbags in many different styles and colours. The menswear section offers smart-casual shirts and trousers, jackets, and briefcases.